Don’t go in the woods, eh?

“Scared … or constipated?”

What: “Man Vs.”

Where Seen: Netflix

100 word review:

What if they remade “Predator” and Arnie just talked to a hand-held camera for 75 minutes?

Oh Canada, you tease…

A low-rent Bear Grylls goes in the woods to film a one-man survival show, only to have something go bump in the woods (WAY off-screen).

Then we wait and wait some more, through long one-man conversations about the weather and how-to-graphically-skin-and-cook-a-rabbit-on-camera.

There’s a nice moment when whatever is out there flips the game, setting up a bigger, man-sized version of the same rabbit snare we saw Fake Bear Grylls use to catch dinner.

A long hike for a small payoff.

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